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My Followers Choose My Manicure!

Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog!

In today’s post I’ll be creating manicure according to my followers!

You’ve probably already heard about this challenge. It was very popular on YouTube among makeup artists and vloggers. This time I, a nail artist, decided to try this fun game, so I asked my followers on Instagram to choose my next manicure! Their task was to choose between two options – monochromatic or colorful, freehand or stamping, glitter or no glitter, metallic or matte, textured or smooth, decoration or no decoration, glossy top coat or matte top coat. The final result showed that my followers want my new mani to be colorful, stamping, glittery, matte, smooth, with decoration and glossy top coat. So I did it! This is what I came up with and I really hope that you will like it! I also tried to stay in fall/autumn/Halloween theme by choosing appropriate color scheme. Over all, I must say I had so much fun doing this challenge!


I really hope you liked my design! If so, please let me know down in comments! Make sure to follow my blog, Instagram and YouTube channel for more interesting and fun, easy nail art designs and reviews! I’ll be back very soon with another post! Thanks for reading!



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