Nail art designs

Fun Manicures using 786 Cosmetics NAIL POLISHES!

Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog!

Today I created two fun and easy nail art designs for you using my 786 Cosmetics nail polishes! If you missed my previous review on these products, please follow this link Here you can find all necessary information regarding 786 Cosmetics and my swatches!

After swatching and reviewing 786 Cosmetics polishes, I decided to play with them and here are the designs I came up with!

First manicure I will be showing you is this beautiful, classic red, green & gold metallic combination! I find this manicure very appropriate for the upcoming winter and holiday season, which is why I think you will love it! Besides that, this is a freehand nail art! That means that any of you can recreate it in just 15 minutes. All you need is a nail art brush and couple of your favorite 786 Cosmetics nail polishes! Enjoy the shots!


Used shades: Agra (red), Karachi (green) and Dubai (metallic gold)


Next we have another classic combination – dark blue and metallic gold! Although this is a stamping manicure, I still believe it’s easy to recreate. All you need is some damask/ornament themed stamping plate or you can even freehand this pattern if you are in mood! 🙂


Used shade: Samarkand (dark blue)


Last but not least, I did a plaid freehand nail art in combination with one of my favorite techniques – dry brush! Plaid nails are my favorite fall manicure and I will use any occasion to wear them! I absolutely loved red, blue and metallic color scheme. This design appears to be very abstract and classic at the same time!


Used shades: Agra (red), Samarkand (blue) and Brunei (silver metallic) 


I really hope that you enjoyed today’s post! If so, please let me know! Tell me which color you would like to try! Thanks 786 Cosmetics for introducing me to their lovely products! Now I have the opportunity to share my experience with you and present you these amazing products!



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