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Autumn Floral Fantasy!

Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog!

In today’s post I’ll be showing you how to wear floral manicures during fall!

When we think of fall nails we usually gravitate towards dark, burgundy, grey and blue shades, leaves patterns and plaid. But we can definitely incorporate some floral fantasy into our autumn manicures, too! First of all, choose fall appropriate shades. Here I’m wearing green, metallic gold and black. That way our flowers will be more edgy and that’s exactly what we are going for! Next thing you wanna do is to choose flowers. I suggest some small, monochromatic kinds that will easily blend into fall theme. Colorful rich bouquets give us spring vibes, and we are trying to achieve the opposite. That’s why I opted for these black lianas. You can finish your design by applying glossy or matte top coat. It’s very easy, seasonal and cute! Enjoy my photos and let me know what you think of floral nail art in fall and winter months!


💫 Stamping plate by @bornprettyofficial:
📢 Use code ZORW10 for 10% off on @bornprettyofficial 📢


I really hope you liked my design! If so, please let me know down in comments! Make sure to follow my blog, Instagram and YouTube channel for more interesting and fun, easy nail art designs and reviews! I’ll be back very soon with another post! Thanks for reading!



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