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Cactus & Balloon Love! Freehand Nail Art

Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog!

In today’s post I will be showing you how to create this easy, yet very cute freehand manicure! If you’d like to know, please keep on scrolling!


Start by painting your nails baby pink and green. Using dotting tool add light green blobs in cactus shapes and let them dry. Then, with your nail art brush draw thin lines to imitate cactus’ texture. Finish by adding 2-3 small purple dots for flowers.

As for accent nails, once again take your nail art brush and draw pink tear. That’s going to be our balloon. Add thin curvy line for string and small white comma for reflection.

Apply matte top coat for more cartoon-like look and you’re done!


I really hope you liked my design! If so, please let me know down in comments! Make sure to follow my blog, Instagram and YouTube channel for more interesting and fun, easy nail art designs and reviews! I’ll be back very soon with another post! Thanks for reading!




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